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    Enth Degree - Technical Thermals and Water wear

    Enth Degree Thermals are the most technically developed range of thermal water-wear in the world, catering for all forms of water sport from diving, surfing and swimming to canyoning, kayaking, canoeing and adventure racing. These hardy yet lightweight thermals can be utilised in all aspects of outdoor, water and adventure activities and are one of the most well considered ranges out there today.

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    August is Coming - Prepare yourself for Australia's coldest water temperatures.

    It's easy to assume that when it's cold outside, it's equally cold on the water but in Australia this is not the case and on average the coldest water temperatures, aka wetsuit season, are mid to late August! In this blog we look at the key contributing factors to deviation in surface water temperatures: ocean currents, the Coriolis affect and phenomena such as Cold Core Eddies and Ekman Transport, also referred to as Cold Water Upwelling.

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    Wetsuit guide to Obstacle Course & Adventure Racing - Tough Mudder, Spartan and Muddy Hell OCR

    Obstacle Course Racing [OCR] racing, such as Tough Mudder, Spartan and Muddy Hell races, are exploding here in Australia and as we have more races in different seasons the need to ensure optimum operating core body temperatures with a wetsuit or thermal becomes a serious factor.  If your body is cold it'll engage a system called thermogenisis which is the body's mechanism that burns energy for the sake of increasing body temperature, a key function to all warm blooded mammals.

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    Xcel Infiniti Wetsuit Series 2018

    Xcel's Infiniti Wetsuits have taken top prize at SIMA's wetsuit of the year award 4 years in the last ten and for very good reason! The Infiniti range cuts no corners on performance and are generally considered to be one of the most stretchy suits on the market, let alone at that price.

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    Ocean Ramsey's Water Inspired Wetsuit Range by Xcel - Exclusive!!!

    Ocean Ramsey’s impressive work in spreading positive awareness for sharks has landed her a special range of diving and surfing gear, called the Water Inspired Range, from world wetsuit leaders XCEL and we couldn’t be more stoked to be the exclusive retailer to sell this gear in Australia.

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