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    orca tri wetsuit swim style scale


    Orca have defined their range of triathlon wetsuits into 3 segments, each segment is specialised for a certain swim style and/or skill level.  Their three offerings are Progressive, Total and Natural - each of which are designed to cater for specific swim styles as well as experience levels.  Although these function act as a guide, they're a decent guide - especially compared to what we get from surf companies.

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    To make use of their swimming style you need to look at your streamline and stroke techniques but also your environment and consider what you want out of your tri-wetsuit.  Most would say they want speed, and for them, they're right. But many of our tri wetty customers look to Orca not just for speed but for the swimming specialised panneling and buoyancy regulation that has concrete Orca at the top of the game.



    Orca Progressive Swim Style

    orca tri wetsuit progressive style


    The best option for the average swimmer and the open-ocean swimmer. These suits are typically the most buoyant in the range and are designed this way to keep you high in the water, therefore subjecting you to less water resistance. Furthermore this extra-buoyancy forces your into decent streamline and is a blessing when fatigued. 


    orca tri swim style progressive





    orca triathlete wetsuit


    Orca Total Swim Style

    orca tri wetsuit

    Designed for a swimmer with good technique but one that doesn't get to swim everyday and are looking for a bit of extra buoyancy through the legs, making it a bit easier to maintain a proper kick technique, especially when fatigued. 


    orca tri wetsuit total



    tri wetsuit shop

    Orca Natural Swimmer

    tri wetsuit shop australia

    Built around performance, best suited to experienced swimmers or those with a well developed stroke and streamline.  These suits have the lowest impact on your natural technique and give the least buoyancy, allowing you to utilise your kicking technique.  


    orca tri wet suit natural



    orca tri wetsuits



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