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    Enth Degree's Fernotherm 3 is their highest performing 385gsm thermal material designed for use in all water, surface water and paddle sport realms - wet or dry. Fernotherm 3 is the closest material we here at Wetsuit Warehouse have found to Neoprene, without being neoprene. Neoprene serves a purpose of utmost heat retention but you lose out in so many other ways, this is where Fernotherm 3 comes in - almost as warm as neoprene without all the hassle. Tested in the harsh conditions of Australia and New Zealand's southern oceans and in the mountains of New Zealand's South Land.


    Enth Degree Fernotherm 3 Thermal Features



    1. Hydrophobic Outer Jersey: Enth degree boast their tech whenever they get the chance but when it comes to the outer jersey of Fernotherm3 we are all ears. Water beads on the surface of the material, causing it to run off without 'wetting' the material itself. We rate this outer jersey as the most durable anti-wind-chill jersey on he market. The material itself is a complex weave of Nylon, Elastane and Lycra.
    2. Soft-Touch Inner Fleece: Warmth and comfort are what you want in thermal waterwear and Enth's Fernotherm3 fleece nails both aspects. It feels great on the skin and in the perfect world would be on the inside of every wetsuit.
    3. Heat Retention: The hydrophobic outer jersey takes care of wind-chill but when it comes to heat retention Enth have laid a windproof PU membrane that reflects heat back to your core, while pushing the cold away. Tiny perforations optimises flexibility and warmth, this technique is know as advanced dot lamination. 
    4. Wicks Cold Moisture: The hydrophobic nature of the material assist in wicking cold water away from the garment. Wicking is the action of air drawing moisture off of a material.
    5. 50+ SPF UV Protection


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