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    Enth Degree's Coolvent Breathable Fabric is utilised in their pieces designed for exposure resistance, more so than thermal retention, as it boast a quickdry channel flow weave at 185gsm which not only promotes airflow within the garment but limits over-heating due to the high breath-ability of the fabric. A hydrophobic treatment to the outer layer helps mitigate wind-chill without negating breathability. When it comes to UV and stingers you can rest assured knowing you've got 50+ SPF and a microfibre weave that a stinger will struggle to penetrate.


    Enth Degree Coolvent Features



    1. Channel Flow Weave: A structured weave designed to be breathable and dry quicker than it gets wet!
    2. Airflow: The coolvent fabric is not designed to keep your warm but keep your protected in warmer temperatures - from exposure of wind and sun - but it's best feature is that it helps mitigate overheating in your core, which can be a problem with cheap synthetic fleeces.
    3. Breathability: Being Enth Degree's least thermally retentive material it makes sense for them to prioritise breathability and we were pleased to note the internal lining as it limits rashing, which is common in loose-fit wet shirts.
    4. 50+ SPF UV Protection


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